Exterior Timber Prep

ABOUT ULTRA V TIMBER PREP: Ultra V Timber Prep is a liquid concentrate that is mixed 4:1 with water. It is an environmentally friendly and a completely biodegradable product that safely brightens and restores the natural beauty of exterior timber, removes tannin and rust stains and is recommended for use on all species of timber, including treated pine.

Timber Prep will not harm timber fibres, grass or most plant life when used properly. USES: As an exterior surface preparation, Timber Prep will Clean and Brighten weathered timber, removes Mill Glaze from new timber surfaces, removes Tannin, Rust, Tree sap, Mildew and Algae stains, Food stains etc from all horizontal and vertical timber surfaces. Timber Prep is used as a neutralizer for all timber species that have had strippers and other cleaning solutions applied. Timber Prep can also be applied to Composite Timber, Concrete, vinyl, rubber and fibreglass surfaces. Timber Prep will not harm existing coatings and finishes.


Step 1: Mix Timber Prep with equal amounts of water (ratio 1:1) for deep stains or (1:4) for normal cleaning in a plastic bucket or plastic pump sprayer. Do not use in a metal container.

Step 2: Thoroughly wet surface and all surrounding vegetation with water before application. Apply Timber Prep solution to wet timber surface with pump sprayer, brush or mop. Ensure liberal, uniform application on all project surfaces. When applying to vertical surfaces apply the product from the bottom to the top. Always maintain a wet working surface by applying more product or use a fine water spray.

Step3: Agitate the solution using a stiff long handled broom to remove dirt and stains and wait for 10 – 20 minutes before removing.

Step 4: Rinse with water using a garden hose or pressure cleaner. The use of a pressure cleaner will reduce the need for agitation; recommended PSI between 500 – 1200. Thoroughly rinse all surfaces after application of Timber Prep. Coverage: Approx 10 – 15 m² per Litre mixed depending on porosity of the timber and application method, when mixed at the recommended dilution rate of (1:4)

Packaging Size: 1 litre container concentrate 4 Litre container concentrate


Caution safety instructions: Contains Oxalic acid. Do not mix Timber Prep with chlorine bleach or other chemicals. Store in original container only. The use of rubber gloves, goggles and appropriate footwear is recommended when handling this product. First Aid: In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. In case of skin contact, rinse with water. If swallowed, give plenty of milk or water, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention. Timber Prep contains oxalic acid solution 10%, is 100% soluble in water, is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Avoid contact with bare metal surfaces: aluminium, zinc and magnesium.

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