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Pave-Guard Anti Slip Acrylic Coating

follow site Pave-Guard Anti Slip Acrylic is a water thinned, lead free self cross-linking acrylic paving paint designed to give excellent adhesion and a durable anti slip surface for both flat horizontal surfaces, steps and ramps.

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  • Concrete Pavements & Driveways, Concrete floors
  • Asphalt surfaces
  • Timber, Horizontal decking and angled ramps
  • Brickwork
  • Steel /Aluminium

click here source Wet Slip Test conducted by ATTAR

As per AS/NZS 4586-2004 slip resistance classification for new pedestrian surface materials. Conducted using a Stanley Skid Resistance Tester (Pendulum) using rubber slider 96.

Classification ‘ V‘ rating with an average of 60 wet slip rating. This surface will have a greater slip resistance when dry.

Copies of the test certificate are available on request from Ultra V Coatings.

source site Colour

Neutral Base tintable to a wide range of colours as per AS2700 industrial colour range.

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Approximately 2-6 m² per Litre, depending on the surface profile and application technique.