Stepongrit slip resistance

  Ultra V Stepon Grit Slip Resistant Additive

 Ultra V Stepon Grit slip resistant additive is a finely ground polymer material formulated for use in Timberguard and other water based and solvent based surface coatings such as Epoxy-WBE and Stepethane30.

Slip resistant granuals for Timberguard

Stepon Grit will provide a high performance, long lasting textured finish which reduces the slip resistance to horizontal as per AS/NZS 4586-2004 slip resistance classification for pedestrian surface materials.

Stepon Grit provides improved chemical and abrasion resistance, and is more comfortable to bare feet on treated surfaces than sand or quartz additive. The product’s low density and insolubility characteristics will help reduce settling and provide optimum performance in its various applications, without changing the viscosity. Due to its low density, Stepon Grit stays suspended for longer periods in thin materials Standard- AS/NZS 4586 – 2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials as tested using the Stanley Skid Resistance Tester in accordance to the wet pendulum test.

Step-on grit with Natural Tone

Step-on grit with Natural Tone

Fine Grit – suitable for a “W” rating for horizontal decking, walkways, wet and low use surfaces. Medium Grit – suitable for a “V” rating for ramps, steps, wet and high use public access areas.

Usage Use on all decking and exterior / interior timber walkways mixed in Timberguard Natural Tone & Natural Clear. Packaging80 grams per 4 litre container – 200 grams per 10 Litre container of Timberguard = 20 grams per Litre. Warning do not mix less than specified per Litre.


Directions Stir the contents slowly into Timberguard using a flat blade stirrer until all product has wetted out with no lumps remaining. Stir Timberguard regularly with a flat broad stirrer during application to prevent Stepon grit from floating to the surface. Stepon Grit must be added to each coat applied with a minimum of 3 coats to be applied to the surface.

Application Timberguard mixed with Stepon Grit must be applied by roller (10 – 12 Napp) or brush. Do not use spray applicators or lambswool applicators to apply Stepon Grit.

Maintenance Regular checks of the surface should be undertaken and if worn or thin reapply Timberguard mixed with the Stepon Grit as per instructions on the can ensuring the surface is thoroughly clean prior to re application.

Coverage As weather and temperature conditions within Australia vary considerably and can be extremely harsh it is recommended that application of 3 coats or more for MAXIMUM protection should be done. Apply 4 coats for high traffic commercial areas and/or harsh geographical regions.

 Coverage 1st coat on dressed timber 12m²/litre, 2nd coat up to 20m²/litre. 10m²/litre for 1st coat and 16m²/litre per subsequent coats on rough sawn timber. Coverage varies depending on the texture and porosity of the timber.

Drying Time Touch dry in a few minutes @ 25°Celcius and recoat in approx 2 hours depending on temperature, humidity and other weather conditions. Do not apply if the temperature is below 10°C or above 35°C during application or drying period.  If rain is imminent do not apply Timberguard.



click here to download pdf for wet slip resistant test on Innowood