Transpac Sports Court Acrylic Surfacer

General Description

Transpac Sports Court Filler and Surfacer is a water thinned, lead free self cross-linking acrylic paving paint designed to give excellent adhesion, beautify sports surfaces and provide a hard wearing durable slip resistant surface.


  • Concrete and Asphalt Sports Court Surfacer may be used over new or aged concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Physical Characteristics

Colour              Neutral base tintable
Gloss                Low Sheen
Toxicity            Lead free
Volume            Solids 30
Weight             Solids 36

Coloures A wide range of colours can be provided including club of school coloures if preferred.

Drying Touch dry in 30 minutes. Recoat in two hours. Drying and recoat will be longer in cold or damp conditions.


As a Patching and crack sealing repair for Asphalt and Concrete use PatchPak Repair Compound

Mixing Ratio by weight:

Patching 1 part PatchPak to 3parts N50 sand and 1 part cement powder

Crack sealing 1 part PatchPak to 4 parts N50 sand and 1 part cement powder

As a Prep coat for Asphalt

1.0 to 2.0 square metre per litre depending on the profile (up to 50% water can be added for ease of application)

As a Prep coat for Concrete

1.0 to 3.0 square metre per litre. (water can be added)

As a Coloured Filler coat with sand

0.5 to 3.0 square metre per litre depending on the surface profile. (up to 50% extra water can be added for ease of application)

As a Coloured Surfacer

Approximately 1-5 square metres per Litre, depending on the surface profile and application technique.

Flammability – Non flammable

Mixing Instructions – Ready for use as a coloured surfacer.

Clean Up – Tap water.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be primed before commencing with crack sealing or patching

Smooth Sound Surfaces

On smooth sound surfaces, after priming the Filler coat is ready for use.

Eroded Surfaces

For eroded surfaces where filling is required, apply the Sports Court Filler coat with added sand to assist in the filling. This may require 2 coats to be applied. Refer to the application instructions provided with the product.

New Surfaces

All surfaces should be thoroughly clean and dry before coating application .Contamination such as oil must be removed by thorough washing with a suitable detergent/degreaser.


New concrete must be allowed to cure for at least 1 month before coating. Smooth concrete surfaces should be acid etched, washed with water and allowed to dry before coating.

First Coat Apply 1 coat of Transpac Concrete Prep Coat.


New asphalt should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 14 days.

First Coat Apply 1 coat of the Transpac Asphalt Prep Coat


Stir thoroughly using a broad flat paddle in a scooping motion. Apply by squeegee. Do not apply if temperature is Below 10C or likely to fall below 10C during drying period.

Application Instructions

All application instructions are provided with the product.

Approved Applicator

We have approved applicators that are able to prepare a full written quotation and apply the product to your surface.

Safety and Environment

  • keep out of the reach of children.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation during use and drying
  • Refer Material Safety Data Sheet for full information
  • Do not pour paint products down sewers or stormwater drains
  • Dispose of unused paint and containers through special collection services
  • Contact your local council for information about disposal

First Aid

If swallowed :

  • Do not induce vomiting
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Seek medical advice
  • If in eyes: Flood eyes with water for
    • 15 minutes.
    • If irritation persists seek medical attention