Slip resistant coating

opzioni digitali senza vincolo deposito Ultra V Stepon Grit slip resistant additive is a finely ground polymer material formulated for use in sistema financiero de opciones de divisas Timberguard Finish Natural Tone & Natural Clear and other water based and solvent based surface coatings such as Epoxy-WBE and Stepethane30.

Slip resistant granuals for Timberguard

trading binario bitcoin Stepon Grit will provide a high performance, long lasting textured finish which reduces the slip resistance to horizontal as per AS/NZS 4586-2004 slip resistance classification for pedestrian surface materials.

Most natural timbers and composite timber surfaces do not meet the wet slip slip resistant standard as per AS/NZS 4586 – 2004 for wet slip resistance. This is especially important for all public access areas, decks, pool surrounds, ramps and stairs which require a ‘W’ rating or higher as specified in the standard. Refer to the ATTAR classification criteria
Download Wet Test Specification

click here to download pdf for wet- slip resistant test on Innowood

Use our specifically formulated Stepongrit best books on binary options trading\'A=0 as an additive to the source site Timberguard enter site and treding con sistema binario Stepethane30 that can be rolled onto the surface using a 10 / 12 nap Mohair or Micro-fibre roller (do not use the pink or orange type rollers) go . Each coat that is applied to the substrate will need the slip resistant grit added so that the action of the grit will still perform even when the coating has worn. The Stepongrit source url must be added to the product and mixed thoroughly as per the specified amounts.