Long life Tips

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Posted – 6/11/10

A new product improvement & re launch of  Timberguard is underway.  A Nano water based primer has been developed to the application process of timberguard and is now available. This development will be used for all timber species.

If you have current & unused Timberguard product, please contact Ultra V Group for product replacement.

Long Life Timber Protection.

As weather and temperature conditions within Australia vary considerably and can be extremely harsh it is recommended that application of 3 coats or more for MAXIMUM protection should be done. Apply 4 coats for high traffic commercial areas and/or harsh geographical regions.

Coating Selection – “it couldn’t be easier”

One of the main advantages of using Timberguard Natural Tone, is that the one product will beautify & enhance all exterior timbers. You do not need a separate finish for Pine, Jarrah, Merbau and all the other timbers in the market. Natural tone has been designed to make your choice simple & easy.

Natural Tone for Exterior Application is a clear/semi transparent pigmented/oxide, water based polyurethane that has been designed to protect, highlight and enhance natural timber tones and fibrous products for exterior and interior use. It produces a beautiful transparent natural finish for new timber or, rejuvenating previously stained, oiled or painted timber.

Select Natural Tone for all exterior timber applications where maximum UV protection and minimal maintenance is required.

Natural Tone and Natural Clear is also available as a Clear Gloss and a Clear Matt finish.

Water based Universal colour tinters can be added to the Clear finish to create a full pigmented colour.

It is recommended that when long life and minimal maintenance is the prerequisite, that Natural Tone is specified. Natural Tones (because of added pigments/oxides) will outperform Natural Clear in life cycle.

Specify Natural Clear Interior/Exterior, where the prerequisite is to preserve the exact tone/colour and grain of timber. Natural Clear Interior is still the right choice, as it will outperform all other leading market brands. Note, both of these coatings come in a Matt or Gloss finish. the Matt finish is a pure matt finish, unlike other brands that produce more of a satin finish. Applications would include internal feature wall panels, doors, frames & furniture.

Note: unlike Timberguard Natural Tone, natural clear in specific exterior applications will require frequency of re coats. Frequency will be dependent on visual inspection and level of exposure.

blog sulle opzioni binarie Slip resistance for Decks if an “wet-slip resistant” protection is required for wet or public areas, a special Stepon Grit additive is available for purchase from your retailer.

Long Life Tips for Timberguard Natural Tone.

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profichart für binäre optionen Tropical, high humidity all for trading option opcje binarne opteck opinie areas – Apply a minimum of 3 coats of legalità delle opzioni binarie Timberguard for maximum timber protection. Apply 4 coats of http://cardigansarah.com/?sinevo=in-tempo-reale-gratis-classifiche-opzioni-binarie in tempo reale gratis classifiche opzioni binarie Timberguard http://www.swazilandforum.com/?n=opzioni-binarie-demo-online opzioni binarie demo online for extreme UV exposure, this is especially important for walls, windows, doors, louvres etc facing West and with minimal shade cover. Timberguard can be applied to timber exposed to high rainfall providing there is sufficient run off and or ventilation for the water to dissipate and dry out the timber, if any timber is immersed in water for long periods do not apply Timberguard.

Coverage 1st coat on dressed timber 12m²/litre, 2nd coat up to 16m²/litre. 10m²/litre for 1st coat and 14m²/litre per subsequent coats on rough sawn timber. Coverage varies depending on the texture and porosity of the timber.

Drying Time Touch dry in a few minutes @ 25°Celcius and recoat in approx 2 hours depending on temperature, humidity and other weather conditions. Do not apply if the temperature is below 10°C or above 35°C during application or drying period.  If rain is imminent do not apply Timberguard.

Expect a minimum of 3  years protection pending correct coating application. It is recommended that for full UV protection in external conditions or where minimal maintenance is required and access is difficult, that Natural Tone be used.

To ensure the best possible life of your coating it is very important that the ends and edges of the timber are completely coated with the Timberguard and to apply the same amount of coats as the cladding. HINT: If you have a spray gun available this will make it easier to coat the end board. If you have a facia board covering the end board, ensure that enough product is pushed down between the (2) two boards, this will stop any moisture from trying to de laminate the coating.

All timber species both rough sawn and dressed can be coated with Timberguard, after the appropriate preparation (Ultra V Timber Prep), and with some hardwood species, after a weathering period to allow for drying out of oils, waxes and tannins.

Preparation Guide Lines: You must prepare/clean all timbers correctly with Ultra V Timber Prep (as per label instructions) for all new timbers, previously stained, oiled & grey timbers. Timber that has been sanded should also be cleaned prior to coating.

Application method:

Lambs wool flat applicator (180mm, 270mm, 360mm ), Mohair or Micro Fibre rollers (white) (100mm to 270mm wide 9 – 12 nap thickness), brushes & spray equipment.

Download Ultra V Timberguard application instruction

IMPORTANT – to ensure a high quality result, please follow surface & timber preparation tips and application instructions.

Long Life Tips for Natural Clear Interior/Exterior.

To achieve the maximum life expectancy.

Interior: To achieve maximum long life protection for internal timber applications such as furniture, door frames, architraves, trims, timber shutters & panelling – apply 2 coats for areas that are not effected by direct sunlight. 3 coats for areas that are affected by direct sunlight such as window sills, windows frames, cedar blinds & other woodwork. Not suitable for internal flooring.

Exterior: Natural clear protection for external timber applications such as decks, rails, balustrades & other feature exterior timbers in full sunlight is Not Recommended. For all protected exterior applications a minimum of 3 coats must be applied. 4 coats for high traffic areas such as decks, walkways & steps. Re coat when necessary after visual inspections. Note: It is recommended that Natural Tone be used where long life & low maintenance are the prerequisites.

Preparation Guide Lines: All interior timber surfaces should be cleaned &/or sanded. For exterior, all timber must be cleaned with Ultra V Timber Prep (as per label instructions) .Timber that has been sanded should also be cleaned prior to coating.

Application method:

Brush, Lambs wool flat applicator (180mm, 270mm, 360mm ) for decking

Mohair or Micro Fibre rollers (white)

(100mm to 270mm wide 9 – 12 nap thickness) .