Product Warranty and Testing

Product warranty

Whilst every care has been taken with the specifications and manufacturing, Ultra V Group Pty Ltd has no responsibility or control over the product application.

Users must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product to meet their own requirements under their own particular application conditions without warranties expressed or implied. All data given for the products is believed to be as up to date as possible.

Ultra V Group Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter specifications and raw materials without notice in accordance with our product research and development program.

Product testing

Initial testing was performed with Timberguard for both laboratory and fixed rack field conditions in a clear gloss and clear matt, copies available on request. These accelerated weather tests were performed using a variation to the current formula which has been enhanced to cope with the harsh Australian conditions including the use of transparent oxide pigmentation.

Ultra V Group Pty Ltd maintains a strong commitment to the ongoing testing of our products with various test panels coated with Timberguard, under open and extreme field testing, placed on fixed rack exposures at 5 degrees & 19 degrees from horizontal facing North, at Allunga Exposure Laboratory positioned at 19° S Latitude. These ongoing scientifically controlled tests are being conducted to AS1580 standard for weather testing for exposure and durability. These test results show excellent results regarding the life cycle & performance of  Ultra V Timberguard.

Allunga Accelerated U. V. Exposure  Test

Product Timberguard Natural Tone Polyurethane

The accelerated weather test which is currently being conducted & ongoing by Allunga Exposure Laboratory, NATA certified, using the Altrac accelerated exposure method on the Timberguard Natural Tone Polyurethane Matt finish, coated on Merbau decking timber, is ongoing with monthly updates issued. These details are available from Ultra V Group for viewing and discussion.