The Ultra V Advantage

Product information & benefits

Ultra V Timberguard Primer (STEP 2) is a Nano water based penetrating water proof primer designed to seal timber. This is to be applied on all exterior/interior natural timber before the application of Timberguard Natural Tone & Natural Clear Finish

Ultra V Timberguard Finish (STEP 3) is the latest generation of specially formulated Australian Made, long life coatings, specifically developed for the harsh and extreme conditions of Australia. Natural Tone for exterior application is a semi transparent pigmented/oxide, water based polyurethane that has been designed to protect, highlight and enhance natural timber tones and fibrous products for exterior and interior use. It produces a beautiful transparent natural finish for new timber or, rejuvenating previously stained, oiled or painted timber.

Natural Tone (water based polyurethane) is the first choice for long life protection for all exterior applications.

Natural Clear Interior ( water based polyurethane) is a totally transparent & clear timber finish (non pigmented) for the protection of interior applications such as doors, windows, feature walls & furniture. Exterior applications can include coating over water based stains, and timber stained features. Natural Clear is not to be coated over bare exterior timber decking boards – see long life tips.

Natural Tone and Natural Clear is available as a Gloss and a Matt finish.

Water based Universal colour tinters can be added to the Clear finish to create a full pigmented colour. Refer to the manufacturer for details.

Slip Resistant coating for Decks if an “wet-slip” protection is required for wet or public areas, a special Stepon Grit additive is available for purchase from your retailer.

A slip resistant additive Stepon Grit can be added to give a ‘W’ rating non slip finish,
as per AS/NZS 4586-2004 – see decking long life tips.

Recommended uses

Ultra V Timberguard Natural Tone is excellent for all exterior/ interior timber, e.g. Decks, cedar or hardwood clad homes, timber screens, pergolas, fences, furniture, garage doors, windows, boardwalks, doors etc.

Natural Clear for interior is excellent for all interior timber, e.g. Cedar windows/doors, furniture such as pine & teak, door frames, timber features & wall paneling. See web site for exterior applications.

To further enrich & enhance your timber, you can also apply Timberguard Natural Tone for all internal timber applications, especially in areas where there is maximum UV exposure (such as window sills and timber shutters or blinds).

Environmental statement

Timberguard Primer & Finish has been formulated specifically with the environment in mind. They are water-based products with low VOC emissions and low odour, making them unique & “eco friendly” products.

Compare the advantages against other brands

From 2 to 4 Years Long Life Exterior Protection – see long life applications tips.

  • Minimal maintenance = huge savings. No yearly re-coat necessary. May only need re-coating twice in 5 years.
  • Superior coverage – up to 16 square metres. On average 6 square metres/litre more coverage than other brands = approx 24 square metres extra coverage per 4 litres = cost savings.
  • Australian Made Product
  • Touch dry in 10 minutes. Re-coat after 2 hours.
  • Enriches, protects & beautifies all natural timber
  • Maximum Long Life UV protection
  • Mould and fungus inhibitors included
  • Reduces tannin leaching
  • Durable & Hardwearing
  • Clean up with water
  • Low odour
  • Long shelf life

Ultra V Timberguard E-Brochure 2013